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Color is emotion, is energy, is communication ….and not only!

Color is emotion , is energy , is communication

….and not only!

For me it is first and foremost a passion discovered during the last years of the University. It was the subject of my studies and the main theme of my graduation thesis.

It fascinates me to study the color in its various expressions and I like to talk about it. After earning a degree in Fashion Design & Management , I attended a master to become Fashion Color Consultant , a profession that ten years ago was little known in Italy. The vocation as a fashion designer has had the upper hand , however, for many years , and just recently I decided to get closer to the wonderful world of colors.

Why the name «The Color for Me»?

As it may sound pretentious, I think is the most appropriate term in the sense of this blog: a collection of opinions, personal reflections and insights .

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Claudia Anna Pierotti

Ciao Felicia, I appreciate very much, what you write about colours. It is very interessting and exciting. Thank you for coming to my B&B and remembering me that colours are a topic that I lately forget but is a very important part in my life for me.


Hi Claudia, thank you very much for your comment!