About Me

Color is emotion, is energy, is communication ….and not only!

Color is emotion, it’s energy, it’s communication

…and not only!

My name is Felicia Tarricone,

I am a Designer graduated at the Politecnico di Milano with a specialization in Fashion Design & Management. Enraptured by the wonderful world of colors, during the last years of University I started a course of study on Color, which became the main theme of my Degree Thesis.

I obtained my specialization in Fashion Color Consultant at the Textile School of Como and I attended the IACC-Italia seminars (Italian Association of Designers and Color Consultants).

For many years I played the role of Fashion Designer for children’s clothing and I currently work as a freelance Designer and Color Consultant.

Curiosity, passion, perseverance are the basis of my studies in the chromatic design, in continuous evolution.

Why the name «The Color for Me»?

As it may sound pretentious, I think is the most appropriate term in the sense of this blog: a collection of opinions, personal reflections and insights.