In the last few years, I’ve gotten to know an interesting textile and accessory fair, specialized in the Sport sector, Performance Days in Munich.

I attended one of the last exhibitions held physically, in November 2019 just before the pandemic arrived. My impression was immediately very positive.

It’s an intimate and non-dispersive fair, with a very accurate display of color and fabric trends. The event also offers the opportunity to participate in interesting “Talks” by industry experts, well organized and accessible to all attendees.

Performance Colors by Nora Kuehner: e-magazine & color card

At the Performance Days exhibition in Munich, about two years in advance, you can draw inspiration from the “Performance Colors” trends developed by designer Nora Kuehner in collaboration with an international team of designers.

Inside the e-magazine, there are some inspirational stories for future trends, with a mix of color combinations and graphic suggestions. By registering on the Performance Days website, it is possible to request the season’s color card, with all the chromatic details for the physical reproduction of the color trends.

Performance Colors by Nora Kuehner – Spring/Summer 2023

The color trends for Spring/Summer 2023 reveal a cautious optimism, they are loaded with energy and brightness. 

The desire for sociality and freedom, matured during the long period of pandemic, thus flows into a chromatic mix of solid and concrete shades, light and vital, fluid and radiant. The instability and uncertainty of the future generate a continuous disarming chaos that invites us to become aware of what is happening. It represents the stimulus to observe the world with different eyes, experimenting with new creative and design approaches.

Within the e-magazine there are 7 color stories for Spring/Summer 2023, identified by 22 main colors. The complete color collection is instead represented by 38 colors, each identified by its own CSI, ARCHROMA, COLOR and PANTONE reference code.

The colors of the sportswear textile for Spring/Summer 2023 provided by the forecast express energy through a game of luminous contrasts and chromatic temperature. There is no shortage of more delicate shades that tone down the bolder tones, while the choice of tone on tone almost creates a camouflage effect

The color palette inside the color card is inevitably inspired by the world of nature. It is no coincidence that outdoor sports activities have met with great success after long periods of lockdown. Colors consequently become links between man and his environment.

Orange is energetically juxtaposed with a bright and intense blue, delicate shades of pink and light blue soften a solid gray, primary red and blue are softened by peach, shades of green-yellow mingle with a more intense green, olive green is gently contrasted by pink and cream, midnight blue and sea blue are illuminated by a peachy pink, while white, black and golden yellow are enlivened by an intense and bright purple.