Milano Unica Spring Summer 2021 Cover

We are increasingly connected and consume images and information that appear on our technological devices in a bulimic way. The uncertainties of the period we live in every day, the speed of how everything evolves and changes in a short time, have the effect of a heap of input more and more voluminous to process.

If thirty years ago the process of interpreting information, followed by the development of new trends, was complex and took place well in advance, today the timing of this process has not changed. The “time” factor generates more and more anxiety, while the rapid consumption of information and sudden changes put the world of trend forecasting to the test.

Technology in a totally positive sense is an undoubted advantage when used wisely and with a solid background.

You cannot improvise knowledge and experience built up over time. Methodologies and study approaches, on the other hand, need constant adaptation, as do the tools used in the analysis and representation of new trends. 

You are probably wondering:

what is the relationship between this introduction and the presentation of the new Color trends?

GENERATION Z and the new Trends of Milano Unica 

The month of February is a fervent period for the Fashion System between fairs, fashion shows and events of various kinds. In these days the usual Milano Unica event dedicated to trends for Spring/Summer 2021 took place. 

The themes proposed are inspired by Generation Z:

“…that mysterious and fascinating planet of those born after 1990, therefore an age group between 28 and 13 years old that, unlike the previous generation, came into the world perfectly connected with technology and social networks.”

(source: MilanoUnica)

We can rest assured, the youth of Generation Z (Gen Z) are not aliens, they are among us, loved and often disputed.

From a clear generation gap, according to Milano Unica, comes the need to find what the future has in common with the past. In what way? Through the sense of belonging to a group, to a tribe, experimenting the hybridization of places and genres.

Trends, Creativity and Sustainability

If the main theme of the event was to combine different genres, the participants of the event will certainly not have missed the novelty of seeing “sustainable” products mixed with traditional ones. There is no longer an area dedicated exclusively to Sustainability, a transversal theme that involves an increasing number of companies.


The Milano Unica S/S 2021 chromatic proposal has as many as 18 different colors in the following trends:

Tropical Rave in Mexico City

“A caledoiscopic vision between Mexican rituals and magical tropical forests.”

Must Have Colors: fluorescent yellow, jungle green, fuchsia pink.

If you like stripes, vichy prints and tribal chic patterns, where the colors of the sea blend with those of the sand, you are in the trend. Warm colours and cold colors create delicate harmonies.

#Multicolor          #Mix&Match         #JungleAllOver   


Indian Chill Out in L.A.

“An inclusive aesthetic, between the symbols of Californian teenagers and Indian decorativisms.”

Must Have Colors: shades of blue, peach pink, ochre yellow.

If you like stripes, vichy prints and tribal chic patterns, where the colors of the sea blend with those of the sand, you are in the trend. Warm colours and cold colors create delicate harmonies.

#ComfortZone       #TribalChic          #Balance 


British Clubbing in Papua

“A parallel universe, between the craftsmanship of the fire people and the classics of tailoring.”

Must Have Colors: golden beige, pearl grey, midnight blue.

If you can’t do without checkered, checked and tartan patterns for next year, don’t worry, you’ll probably be spoilt for choice: from soft, delicate overlapping shades of beige or grey to stronger combinations with stronger colours. 

 #Accuracy          #Modernity          #Sartoriality


And what will Generation Z think of the trend colours of Milano Unica for Spring/Summer 2021? Will you recognize yourself in this colour palette?

In the meantime I abandon the “Keywords” formula: I confess I was seduced by the symbolism of #hashtag…and to think that until not so long ago, it was just an insignificant little gate for me! 😉