A colorful garden

One of the sources of inspiration for the creation of new colors and color palette, is undoubtedly the world of nature. Plants, flowers, fruits, animals, pristine landscapes, all offer a wide range of colors.

And it is these days the news of the flowering of a field of tulips near Milan, a place where you can walk, relax, collect and buy tulips that you want.

A Dutch couple had the idea to create a colorful garden with 250,000 tulips of 185 varieties.

The initiative has met with great interest, both for the originality of the project both for the beauty of these flowers.

The experience of watching a real chromatic explosion is rewarding and rejuvenating.

Walking through a Yokohama, a Purple Prince and a Super Flame, you will be fascinated and allured by the various shades of the petals that invite you to capture the most attractive tulips.

From a morning spent in this field full of flowers (tulipani italiani) were born a palette of colors and some color combinations.

Colors: Pink Flambé, Aspen Gold, Molé, Hot Coral, Cyber Yellow, Spicy Orange, Kumquat, Marshmallow, Barberry, Striking Purple.*


Colors: Kumquat, Vermillion Orange, Tomato, Barberry.*


Colors: Calypso Coral, Carmine Rose, Pink Flambé, Barberry.*


Colors: Persian Red, Striking Purple, Violet Quartz, Dark Purple.*


*The colors shown in the graphic prints are TPG Pantone Colors identified by Thecolorforme.com