It took place in the first week of February, the latest edition of Milano Unica with the presentation of new trends in colors, fabrics and accessories for Spring / Summer 2018.

The new location at “Rho Fiera Milano”, certainly offers considerable and appropriate space where you can see what’s new and proposals of the textile sector.

In the area dedicated to the trend we have literally invested by new trends with projections of films that draw some your own personal path to the discovery of the proposed themes.

It is an explosion of lights, colors, images and video.

The three topics chosen chosen for Spring/Summer 2018 are based upon the personalities and artists of the past, projected to distant places:

Nefertiti in Ibiza: “The symbolic bridge unites ancient Egypt and the cosmopolitan island of Ibiza. Amidst a past of mysterious grandeur and a kaleidoscopically ‘free’ present.” *

Colors: Gold, Purple, Brown, Yellow Ocher, Sand, Acid Green.


Malevich in Sorrento: “Square and round shapes, lines of flight, white spaces in contrast with Malevich’s yellows ones are those that can be found in the three-dimensional geometries of tiles, ceramics and Sorrento’s flowers.” *

Colors: Sky Blue, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Lemon Yellow, Red, Orange.


Mollino in Teheran: “Western and Eastern worlds, Savoyan authoritativeness and Persian Grandeur, the genius from Turin and the poetry of mosaics and the miniature.” *

Colors: Ultramarine Blue, Terracotta, Green Water, Cobalt, Light Gray.


“We are no longer dealing with a cultural pattern in chronological order, but rather describing a plot, with no coordinates of time and space and events, situations, thoughts, people and places. It is about worlds.” *

Each theme offers a range of 6 colors, to which can be linked with 4 neutral tones, giving origin to a palette of 22 colors.

“Daring combinations make our eyes widen in astonishment; but these associations however are not at all light hearted, but very serious indeed.” *

The colors are bright, hot, exotic, some precious as gold and silver, bright and flashy like blue, red and yellow. There are also various shades of sand, from the pale to more intense and golden.

* extracted by the event Milano Unica