Color at the time of covid19: in our homes

Exactly two months have passed since the official arrival of Spring and three since my Beautiful Country, Italy, started its battle against an invisible enemy, Covid19.

The world seems to have suddenly lost all its colors …

In reality we know very well that this is not the case, nature is instead giving us vibrant colors of all shades.

Closed at home, we surrounded ourselves with “our” daily colors: the walls, the objects, the furniture in general and then we are here, with our clothes. From our windows for days what have we seen? Palaces, gardens, trees, empty streets … and then what? The sky, the sun, the clouds, the sea and many people will also have seen the flags or children’s drawings with the inevitable Rainbow.

Color & Interior Design. Rainbow drawing, made by children during the lockdown for covid19.

Through color, we expressed our emotions, the desire to belong to a community to feel less alone. We are rediscovering the most creative part that many of us had fallen asleep.

Color & Interior Design

Color represents the manifestation of our freedom within the home. In this long period of imprisonment who knows who felt the need to make changes in the home, not only to optimize the spaces, considering the various needs of his “cohabitants”, but also to escape the chromatic monotony.

What would we like to change in our homes?

What colors are we missing more than others?

Do we feel satisfied by the colors around us?

Some of us probably live in multicolor environments and others in chromatically more neutral environments.

Many people will feel at ease, others perhaps a little less after this long stay that forced us to stay at home to “undergo” the colors.

Thanks to the good weather and the desire to start again, we may want to give our homes a new look.

#1 Step

We choose the home environment in which we spend most of our time, look around and think about the colors that we miss at this particular moment and those that begin to tire us a little.

#2 Step

If you were planning to make changes in the house, this is the right time … you will certainly have spent so much time that you have identified at least a couple of things that you would like to vary: from the color of the walls, to the selection of cushions with a spring mood or a new carpet.

#3 Step 

Be daring even with small changes, the important thing is to proceed with care and attention, without exaggerating. Contrasts, tone on tone, brightness and saturation are the key elements to use. Knowing the properties of color, as already mentioned in the article the color for me is…, is fundamental for the success of the new chromatic look of our houses.