Color Trend

Color Trend

Every beginning of the season the ritual question is:

“What will be the color trends for Spring / Summer? And for Fall / Winter? “

Television services, magazines, websites, regularly devote pages and space to this topic. It is a theme that features fashion, from yarns to fabrics, up to garments, to intrude in the world of cosmetics, accessories up to the interior design.

As for trends of styles in clothing, there are trends color fabrics declined in different categories: woman, man, children, sportswear, underwear, beachwear, home. Each sector has its own collection of colors that is renewed each season.

Consciously or not, we wear and we surround ourselves with colors that someone else has decided for us.


Before you can see or judge certain colors on the catwalk and in the shops, it takes about two years of study and choices, through different stages and professionals:

the Bureau du Style, working groups made up of various professionals such as sociologists, designers, materials experts up to the producers of those fibers and yarns and fabrics.

Grasp of the trends well in advance is not the result of improvisation, but a careful daily observation and comparison. There are trade fairs like Premiere Vision, Milano Unica, Pitti Immagine events where fashion industry professionals have the first feedback on future trends.

Today more than ever we must speak of color and you can. The figures that affect certain color choices are increasingly varied, just think of the many fashion bloggers scattered across the network.

Thanks to technology, the use of smartphones and tablets, take pictures around the city to unsuspecting passers-by, or be a selfie wearing the latest purchase and instantly post photos and share them on the network on various social networks, it allows us to feel all hunters novelty, curiosity or things absolutely unwatchable.

Actually translate into a trend what is observed and it is considered relevant, certainly it requires great sensitivity and perseverance in following the change. There are in fact professionals worldwide, the cool hunters, that through photographs the street, attendance at events, exhibitions, travel, are looking for new trends.

The material provided by the cool hunters, mostly photographs, is analyzed and processed by the team of experts and is to the latter that it is the daunting task of defining the color trends of the future, using color charts. We talk about real book of inspiration that contain images, descriptions, materials, fabrics and of course a palette of colors.

I always had the impression that the world of color trends were a very private world, fascinating, to study and explore. And that’s it! Complex but extremely intriguing.

If the colors of the future are based in part on the confirmation of the color of this, those who decide which colors we wear? The cycle of fashion styles? Experts? Designers? The testimonials? Bloggers? Either we buyers?

Remember in the movie The Devil Wears Prada, in which Miranda Priestly, editor of a fashion magazine, dealing with her staff regarding the choice between two belts for the creation of an outfit, is annoyed by the chuckle of her new assistant Andrea Sachs? The naive girl who sees no distinction between the two accessories, apologizes and says she is still learning all of “this stuff” … it is inevitable the scornful reaction of the director who superbly played by the talented Meryl Streep gives a unique moment, a lesson a minute and a half, because of the cerulean color of sweater weared by young assistant.