Milano Unica – Color Trend: Fall/Winter 2016-2017

Milano Unica F/W 2016-2017

My visit to the Hall of Textiles “Milano Unica” starts going through a dark corridor, black. Along the wall I notice a sequence of monitors that transmit interviews with passers-by, the question is always the same:

“What’s Cool?”

whats-cool Along the corridor I decided to stop in front of the big white lettering that appears below the monitor “WHAT’S COOL?”, I decided to listen to the interviews: some people define cool a dress, a style of dress, others identify it with free time that they spend with their loved ones.
While I’m standing there, a stream of visitors passes in front of me very hurriedly.
I can almost hear their thoughts …

“Times are tight we must hurry, look for something cool at the fair: a fabric, a color, a supplier…”

So after a moment of reflection on what is cool for me, I decided to join with the flow of people and getting to the heart of the event.
Within the fair there are exhibitors from the textile and accessories, Italian and foreign. With great curiosity I’ll go in search of the Trend, an area which displays the trends for the Fall/Winter 2016-2017.
Each trend is presented with a range of fabrics and colors. The common thread is the “organic and multi-material vitality” and the four areas Trend & Colors are as follows:
Artic Tale:“The evocation of the fantasy world, the charm of dreams, icy chromatisms” *

Colors: grays combined to pink, to powder pink and sage green.

Folk Land:“Research of balance between order and chaos, the streets of the so called lateral countries as Uruguay and Chile. Folk quotes borrowed from costumes and houses colors. Ready for handmade“ *

Colors: a mix of forest green, rust, brown, and burgundy.

Graphic Wave:“Graphic modernism, weaving of lines, geometric patterns inspired by the world of tiles and ceramics. Evocation of technological 3D processing of crystals, minerals, molecules“ *

Colors: contrasts of white / black, combinations of black / turquoise, various shades of gray.

Play Room:“The age of play never ends. From the collecting of vintage toys till role-playing workshops. A mix of primary and secondary colors” *

Colors: purple, red, combinations of black / red (in stripes, dots, check), yellow / black, yellow / gray. Orange, tangerine, coral. Bluette, bright green, combinations of purple/yellow, purple/terracotta.

Will the Fashion Designers, small and large companies share these proposals of fabrics and colors for Fall/Winter 2016-2017 ? We just have to wait for the upcoming shows for a preview.

* extracted by the event Milano Unica