Première Vision Paris – Color Trend: Fall / Winter 2016-2017

Première Vision Paris, one of the most important fairs in the textile sector, which took place 15 to 17 September 2015 in the lovely city of Paris, opened its doors with a very catchy slogan everywhere: “#WE ARE PREMIÈRE VISION“. The white imprinted on a red background, and apparently also in my head, accompanied me all the time at the fair with a spirit of great participation. I am not an exhibitor or a staff member, but a visitor as the many other and “#WE ARE PREMIÈRE VISION” I was immediately thrown into another dimension: the red is definitely the color of this demonstration, a color that seduces and captures the attention.


Première Vision Paris with its six different Areas (YARNS, FABRICS, LEATHER, DESIGNS, ACCESSORIES, MANIFACTURING) offers visitors an overview of the proposals both of matter which color of the Fall / Winter 2016-2017.

Responsibility, Sustainability, Fashion Smart Connection between nature and technology, are the underlying theme of this event.

Double-face fabrics, velvet, soft, with geometric or floral few hints, seem to dominate the scene.

The colors are everywhere, many proposals are concentrated in the TREND AGENCIES & BOOK SELLERS, a highly animated by the continuous presence of visitors. Here you can find the Bureau du Style, as Carlin, Peclers, Promostyl, with an exhibition of new Color Trend Book for Spring / Summer 2017. Première Vision Paris is one of those events that allows you to give a look to the future (Spring / Summer 2017), while you are looking for inspiration to start, expand or improve the collections of a future closer, the Fall / Winter 2016-2017.

In Area “Le Forum” have exposed the proposed color of the event:

“The winter colour range subtly balances between warm and cold, reconciles frivolity and austerity, and shifts from the feminine to the masculine. The conciliatory tones invite a dialogue between decoration and texture, and seek to colour coordinate contrasting materials “

The 23 colors presented are each identified with a name in English and in French:

  1. Fresh Muscle / Muscle Frais
  2. Almond Filter / Filtre D’Amande
  3. Blood Passion / Passion Sanguine
  4. Foam Crystal / Cristal D’Écume
  5. Scarlet Sign / Signe Écarlate
  6. Unsure Mauve / Mauve Indécis
  7. Orange Ember / Orange Braise
  8. Ghostly Moth / Papillon de Nuit
  9. Icy Lagoon / Lagon Glacé
  10. Acid Blond / Blond Acide
  11. Nettle Dust / Poussière D’Ortie
  12. Violaceous Vow / Déclaration Violin
  13. Grey Ennui / Ennui Gris
  14. Solar Shadow / Ombre Solaire
  15. Docker Blue / Bleu Docker
  16. Bitter Moss / Mousse Amère
  17. Green Slick / Outre Vert
  18. Magnetic Blue / Bleu Magnétique
  19. Grey Aplomb / Aplomb Gris
  20. Muted Russet / Rousseur Sorde
  21. Radiant Night / Nuit Radieuse
  22. Purplish Austerity / Austérité Violacé
  23. Land of Illusion / Terre d’Illusion

A movie while projecting a series of color combinations, grouped into four categories: Man, Casual, Sport, Woman.

Here are some examples.


Colors: Docker Blue, Orange Ember, Ghostly Moth, Land of Illusion, Radiant Night, Icy Lagoon, Grey Aplomb, Magnetic Blue, Muted Russet.



Colors: Green Slick, Radiant Night, Docker Blue, Ghostly Moth, Blood Passion, Purplish Austerity, Violaceous Vow, Grey Aplomb.



Colors: Foam Crystal, Fresh Muscle, Land of Illusion, Almond Filter, Orange Ember, Muted Russet, Unsure Mauve, Docker Blue, Solar Shadow.

Sport-Colour 3


Colors: Solar Shadow, Violaceous Vow, Land of Illusion, Bitter Moss, Ghostly Moth, Purplish Austerity, Muted Russet, Fresh Muscle, Docker Blue.

Man-Colour 1

The preconditions for the Fall / Winter 2016-2017 seem to be full of color!


The 23 names of colours shown here are taken from the event Première Vision Paris F/W 2016-2017.

The colours shown in the images are Pantone TPG Colours, identified by and are inspired by the colour chart Première Vision Paris F/W 2016-2017.