Première Vision Paris – Color Trend: Spring/Summer 2017

My recent visit to Première Vision Paris, which took place 16 to 18 February 2016, was brief but intense.
I admit that to spin like a top in the halls, staying a long time in the Area “The Forum” and metabolize the colour proposals, is a demanding job, and at the same time always very charming.

Instability games and search for new balances are the key elements for the Spring/Summer of 2017:

“Fabrics and colours are ever more particular and multi-sensory…ready to communicate emotion.” *

Trend presented in this edition confirms the direction to intense and bright colors, mixed with bright and evanescent shades.

“The range brings out the bond between fragility and strength, and strives for a balance between hyper-expression and ultra-discretion. It reveals subtle harmonies between luminous vibrancy and colorful neutrals, and plays on jolting rhythms and explosive synergies.” *

Observing the fabrics, I try to “memorize” the colours, for each of them I create associations based on my personal experience.
I decided to focus myself on the lighter shades of proposals for Première Vision Paris:

“… It is a very light green, indefinite, almost imperceptible, it reminds me of …”

While I’m trying to give an identity to the green, a movie projected on a giant screen, comes to help me by showing me sectioned vegetables: green like the inside of an eggplant freshly cut!

They can describe the colours in many ways, they can be encoded by different systems, colour collections, or to attribute names. What is certain is that hope to identify a “specific color” without any colour reading tool, in less than ideal lighting conditions inside a stand is a difficult task if not impossible! It is important to observe the colours and have the proper tools, and then process them and decide if you want to reproduce exactly “that color” or opt for similar shades, remaining in the trend though with diversity.

The 21 colours presented in Première Vision Paris S/S 2017, each with a name in English and in French are as follows:

  1. Crimsom / Empourpré
  2. Raw Red / Rouge Cru
  3. Carotene / Carotène
  4. Tech Bone / Os Tech
  5. Dermis / Derme
  6. Rose Tartare/ Tartare de Rose
  7. Tannic Vapour / Vapeur Tannique
  8. Oxygenated Violet / Violette Oxygénée
  9. Chlorine Sky / Ciel Chloré
  10. Immature Blue / Bleu Immature
  11. Sage Crystal / Cristal de Sauge
  12. Plastic Quartz / Quartz Plastique
  13. Iris Ash / Cendre D’Iris
  14. Solitary Blue / Bleu Solitaire
  15. Doping Green / Vert Doping
  16. Jade Evanescence / Èvanescence Jade
  17. Detox Orange / Orange Détox
  18. Yellow Luminescence / Luminescence Jaune
  19. Egg Jelly / Gélee d’Oeuf
  20. Rosy Opalescence / Opalescence Rose
  21. Digitalis / Digitalis

Some videos show, however, a number of colour combinations, grouped into four categories: Man, Casual, Sport, Woman.

Here are some examples.


Colours: Dermis, Plastic Quartz, Jade Evanescence, Immature Blue, Sage Crystal, Iris Ash, Solitary Blue, Carotene, Rosy Opalescence.   



Colours: Egg Jelly, Oxygenated Violet, Iris Ash, Crimsom, Digitalis, Solitary Blue, Doping Green, Tannic Vapour, Tech Bone.



Colours: Egg Jelly, Jade Evanescence, Digitalis, Solitary Blue, Rosy Opalescence, Raw Red.



Colours: Rosy Opalescence, Solitary Blue, Yellow Luminescence, Jade Evanescence, Raw Red, Oxygenated Violet, Immature Blue, Iris Ash, Rose Tartare.



The 21 names of colours shown here are taken from the event Première Vision Paris S/S 2017.

The colours shown in the images are Pantone TPG Colours, identified by and are inspired by the colour chart Première Vision Paris S/S 2017.


* extracted by the event Première Vision Paris