Milano Unica – Color Trend: Spring/Summer 2017

Colors, colors and more colors ….
Trends Spring/Summer 2017 presented at the last edition of Milano Unica is mainly characterized by intense colors.

There are bright colors, some darker or greyish, other hot and decided.

Pending the arrival of spring, while the shop windows are colored with clothes and accessories that will soon be wearing, you can already have a look at advances of chromatic proposals for the Spring/Summer of 2017. The four thematic areas presented in Trend Area of Milano Unica fair are the following:


Deeps: “Depth as an inspiration. Everything floats, nothing is motionless in the deep sea populated by animals and plants of evocative consistency and magical colors.” *

Colors: shades of the sea, intense and brilliant blue, combined with coral and lavender.



Nature and Artficial: “A mosaic of real and artificial geometric landscapes. A bird’eye wiew, an aerial mapping of different areas in the world, showing geometric patterns of natural landscapes with well-defined outlines, cut off by human interventions or rather by urban interruptions and concrete breaks.” *

Colors: shades of clay, an alternation of dark and light gray, gray-green and orange.



Africa Punk: “Primitive and natural urban fabric. It is the black magical and sensual Africa, with its amazing sunsets and big contradictions.” *

Colors: warm tones, intense and brilliant, from yellow to red and green, mixed with black.



Psico Bit: “A hallucinatory trip into arithmetic progression. A theme constructed by two words, psycho and bit which lead to two matched worlds.” *

Colors: presence of warm colors, from yellow to green, matched to purple to white and black.



… And as always we have to wait to find out what are the colors that will be most successful for Spring/Summer 2017!


* extracted by the event Milano Unica